Atlantis Institute for Consciousness and Music

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. Plato

Atlantis Institute (AICM) invites you to become an explorer of consciousness and discover the rich inner terrain of the psyche with the healing power of music as your guide. Established in 1988, AICM’s multicultural training programs have drawn helping professionals from around the globe to expand their skills and become a trained specialist in the Bonny Method, a powerful psychotherapeutic process of transformation.

AICM training courses guide you in the art and skill of safely navigating inner states of consciousness for therapeutic aims. You will discover how to engage in the world of imagery and “decode” its mysterious language of story and symbol. You will forge a unique partnership with music as your “co-therapist” and experience its remarkable power to make a direct connection to feelings and the body. It is not necessary to be a trained musician, or have a musical background – only an appreciation of music is required.

Our excellent AICM faculty provide you with the tools to help clients uncover root causes to their problems and assist them in the release of blocked emotions and physical constrictions. Such changes have often been difficult to achieve with traditional therapies. Another important hallmark of work with consciousness and music is an accelerated change process. Trainees and their clients are frequently amazed at how quickly they experience breakthroughs  and the wisdom and resources they find within themselves.

AICM graduates typically report a renewed passion for their work and a deep satisfaction of truly making a difference for their clients. Becoming a certified specialist in the Bonny Method, paves the way for an exciting career specialization  in their respective fields.

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