Atlantis Mission Statement

In keeping with our philosophy, Atlantis Institute provides a high quality professional training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). Named after its originator, Dr. Helen L. Bonny, GIM is a music centered therapy. Atlantis Institute is endorsed by the Association for Music and Imagery (AMI) for all levels of training. Upon completion of training from Mid-Atlantic Institute, students are awarded the title of Fellow by AMI.

Historically, the founders of Atlantis Institute have been involved with the practice and development of GIM since its inception during the mid-1970’s and have pioneered applications of this method in such diverse areas as counseling, health care, creativity, spiritual formation, and research. From this base, Atlantis provides state of the art training that is based on relevant music -centered processes within a contemporary growth model aimed at the professional clinician.

Atlantis Institute has an ongoing commitment to address and serve the educational and professional needs of its students. Atlantis respects and values the inherent dignity and potential for excellence within each student. The training programs encourage each student in the innovation of new applications of GIM through their own unique backgrounds and expertise. A high regard is placed on students making a contribution to GIM through research, publications or new forms of practice. Atlantis strives to graduate skilled students who are competent and who will, in turn, serve others in their practice, workplace and community.