Healing_Imagery_and _Music

Healing Imagery and Music: Pathways to the Inner Self  by Carol A. Bush       

With Compact Music Disk, 1995

This important book introduces the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) a powerful technique that uses the harmonies and melodies contained in classical music to unlock deep inner stresses and explore experiences embedded within the psyche. A truly holistic therapy, GIM is a profound strategy for personal transformation. The author offers useful exercises for the reader to practice while listening to the beautiful classical music of the companion disk.

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“Musical metaphors for feeling states-remembered and transformed, a text for growth and healing, simply wonderful.”
JOAN  KELLOGG,M.A.,A.T.R. (Retired)

Absorbing and  thought provoking. This superb presentation will prove useful both as a text for students of The Bonny Method and as a resource for psychotherapists assisting others with psychological self-discovery, empowerment, spiritual awakening, healing and transformation.”
EUGENA PICKETT, Editor in chief, Journal for the Association of Music and Imagery (AMI)

“Carol Bush’s ability to articulate the potency of imagery, music and our unique capacity to heal ourselves puts forth a powerful case for the use of The Bonny Method,  for deep core healing. This book is clearly a significant addition to the whole field of mind/body healing and integral growth”
JAMES BORLING,M.M., MT-BC,   Director of Music Therapy, Radford University

“I believe The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, is the therapy of the future.
SANDRA MARTIN, Television Producer, Executive Producer and Creator of “The Power of Dreams”

Carol Bush shows us how music orchestrates the psyche so that health and consciousness can dance in harmony. Healing Imagery and Music is an important and essential book on some of the profound strategies that music can create for therapy. this book is a welcome addition to the libraries of therapists, musicians, and those who intuitively know the healing power of sound.
DON CAMPBELL, Founder, Institute for Music, Health and Education, author of, The Mozart Effect”

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