Training Schedule 2023

Level I – Foundational

Level II – Beginning Clinical Specialization

Level III – Advanced Clinical Specialization

Training Level/Seminar Date Teachers Location Country
 Lev I

 Jan 7-8 Pt 1

 Jan 14-15 Pt 2

 Bae and Moon  Online  South Korea
 Lev III Transpersonal

 Jan 17;19-20 Pt 1

 Jan 26-29 Pt 2

 Bae and Moon  Hybrid  South Korea
 Lev I  Jan 20-22 Pt 1


Jan 27-29 Pt 2

 Vila and Emmer  Online  Columbia,   and South American Countries
Lev I  Jan 28 -29 Pt 1


Feb 4-5     Pt 2

 Lee and Seung-hee  Hybrid  Seoul, South Korea
Lev III Advanced Clinical  Jan 31 –  Feb 5  Bae and Moon  Onsite  South Korea
Lev II 

 Feb 3 – 5, Pt 1

 Pt 2 TBA

 Burgner and McKinnis  Hybrid  Ashville, NC
Lev III Advanced Clinical  Feb 6 Start date with  consecutive Mon eves 7-10pm  Picazo and team  Online  Mexico City


 Lev II  March 10-16  So Jin Kim  Onsite  South Korea
 Lev III Supervision Day  March 11  Lee  Onsite  South Korea
 Lev I  March 24-26 Pt 1


 April 21-24 Pt 2

 Borling and Murphy  SUNY Campus  New York, NY
 Lev III Transpersonal  April 12 – 14 Pt 1


 April 19 – 21 Pt 2

 Cohen and Vila  Online  Singapore, Malaysia

 Lev III Transpersonal


Lev I

 March 31- April   3  Pt 1

 April 28-May 1   Pt 2

April 26-28 Pt 1

May 11-12  Pt 2


 Lee and Seeung-hee


 Lee and Seeung-hee

Johnson and Marinucci






 South Korea


South Korea


Lev I

May 19 – 21 Pt 1

May 26 – 28 Pt 2

Cohen & Vila  Online  USA/South America
 Lev III Myth and   Archetype

 May 27-28 Pt 1

 June 3-4 Pt 2

 Lee and Seung-hee  Hybrid  South Korea

 Lev I

 Summer Dates   TBA  Burgner and McKinnis  Onsite

 Asheville,   NC   area


 Lev II


Lev III  In Spanish

 July 21-27


July 21-25; 28-30

Johnson and Marinucci


Vila and Emmer




 Richmond,   VA

South America


 Level III Advanced   Clinical



 July 5-9



 Borling and Gimeno  Onsite  Madrid,   Spain

 Lev II: Three weekends


Level II in Spanish


 August 11-13

 August 18-20

 August 25-27

 Aug 31-Sept 1,2,3

and Sept 7-10


 Cohen and Vila


  Vila and Emmer




 Denton, TX


South America

 Lev II



 August Dates TBA



 Lee and Seung-hee






Seoul, South Korea



 Lev III Transpersonal  Sept TBA  Borling and Yoshihara  Onsite  Nagoya, Japan
 Lev III Adv Clinical   FALL  TBA  Burgner and McKinnis  Hybrid  Asheville,   NC
 Lev III Adv Clinical                October dates   TBA  Lee and Seung-hee  TBA  Seoul, South Korea
 Lev III Adv Clinical                 Dec 1- 4  So Jin Kim  Onsite  South Korea