Training Schedule 2024

Level I – Foundational

Level II – Beginning Clinical Specialization

Level III – Advanced Clinical Specialization

Format: Residential; Online; or Hybrid (part Residential and part Online)

Training Level/Seminar Date Teachers Location Country
 Lev III Myth

 Jan 5-8

 Lee and Seung-hee  Residential  Seoul, South Korea
 Lev I

 Jan 6-7; 13-14

 Bae and Moon  Residential  Seoul,South Korea
 Lev III Transpersonal  Jan 31 – Feb 4  Vila and Emmer  Residential  Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lev III Transpersonal

 Feb 3- 4 Pt 1

Dates TBA Pt 2

 Bae and Moon  Hybrid  Seoul, South Korea
Lev I

 Feb 17-18 online

March 2-3 residential

 Lee and Seung-hee  Hybrid  South Korea
Lev II 

 Feb 21-23; Pt 1

 Pt 2 TBA

Bae and Moon  Hybrid  Seoul, South Korea
Lev III Supervision Day  Feb 24  Lee and Seung-hee  Residential  Seoul,SouthKorea
 Lev I  Feb 26-29  So Jin Kim and Kim  Residential  South Korea
 Lev II  FEB dates TBA  Burgner and McKinnis  Hybrid  Virginia and North Carolina, USA
 Lev I in Spanish  Mar 15-17; 22-24.  Vila, Clarkson and March  Online  Valencia, Spain
 Lev I in Spanish  March 23-26  Gimeno and Castro  Residential  Madrid, Spain

 Lev III Advanced Clinical in Spanish

Lev III Advanced Clinical

 March 23-25 Pt 1- May 1-3  Pt 2

 April 5-7 Pt 1-

April 12-14  Pt 2

 Vila and Emmer

Cohen and Vila



 South American Countries

Denton, Texas and Columbia, South America

Lev I

April 26-28 Pt 1

May 3-5 Pt 2

Cohen & Vila  Online  Denton, Texas and Columbia South America
 Lev III Myth and   Archetype in Spanish

 April, May online; July residential

Dates TBA

 Picazo and Garrido  Hybrid  Mexico City, Mexico

 Lev III Advanced Clinical

 May 12-15 online; May 18-19 residential  Lee and Seung-hee  Hybrid

 Buson, So Korea

 Lev III Supervision Day

 May 11


Lee and Seung-hee




Seoul, So Korea

 Level III Transpersonal  June 6-9  Lee and Seung-hee  Residential  Seoul, so Korea retreat center

 Lev I

Lev III Transpersonal and Music and Psyche Pt 2 in Spanish

 June 19-23

July 3-8

 Borling and Murphy

Borling and Gimeno



 SUNY, New Paltz, NY  USA

Madrid, Spain

 Lev I

 July 19-21 Pt 1

July 26-28 Pt 2

 Cohen and Vila


Denton, Texas and Columbia,So America

 Lev III Advanced Clinical  July dates  TBA  Burgner and McKinnis  Online  Richmond, VA and North Carolina
 Lev III Adv Clinical   Aug 26-31  So Jin Kim and Kim  Residential Seoul, So Korea
 Lev II in Spanish              Aug 30-Sept 1; Sept 6-8; Sept 13-15  Vila, Clarkson and March  Hybrid Valencia, Spain
 Lev I              Sept 13-17  Yoshihara and Ogata  Residential Nagano, Japan
 Lev III Myth and Archetype in Spanish  Sept 16-18; 20-25  Vila and Emmer  Hybrid So American countries

 Lev III Myth and Archetype


Lev I

 Sept 20-22 Pt 1

Sept 27-29 Pt 2


Four weekly sessions: Sept 13 ,20,27,and Oct 4

 Cohen and Vila



Borling and Borling





 Denton, Texas and Columbia, So America


Radford University, VA

Lev II Oct 18-20; 25-27; and Nov 1-3 Cohen and Vila  Online with 1:1  Denton ,Texas and Columbia, So America
Lev III Transpersonal  Oct – Nov dates TBA Jan25 residential   Picazo and Garrido  Hybrid  Mexico City, Mexico
Lev III Advanced Clinical  Oct dates TBA  Johnson and Marinucci  Hybrid  Charlottesville, VA
Lev II Nov 18-20; 25-27; Dec 1-3  Cohen and Vila  Online and 1:1  Denton, Texas and Columbia, So America